Mrs. Sarah Ruff was born in England, and moved to Miami at the age of 12. As a violinist in high school and college, she participated in the 1998 and 1999 All-State festival in Tampa, the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, and the Music Maestro festival in New York.

Mrs. Ruff is a graduate of the University of Miami, with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, and a Master of Music in Music Education from Boston University. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Humanities from Nova Southeastern University.

Mrs. Ruff has been a music educator for over a decade and is currently teaching middle and high school: choir, guitar, piano, and orchestra. Her students have received Straight Superior Ratings in both orchestra and choir. The Mays Chorale, under her direction, has been invited to perform in the World Premiere of a newly commissioned work by Sir Karl Jenkins on the DCINY Concert Series at Carnegie Hall. Additionally, her students were background singers on Caroline Jones' song "Tough Guys."

Mrs. Ruff has a private music studio and is the co-director of Ruffisticated Music. She is also a sought after musician for various local artists throughout South Florida. Ruff was named South Florida's Top Black Educators of 2016 by Legacy Magazine, 2016 Teacher of the year for APMCOTA, as well as a south region finalist. She believes that anyone can learn music and is willing to teach anyone possessing the tenacity required in acquiring the knowledge, skill, and artistic sensitivity for performing music.